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Wrong Exit

Chicago, city of perpetual construction projects.

What if the detour signs you are following are a trap?

Sharon Perez is finally getting her big break to become a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. Kevin, a seasoned crime reporter has offered to share a breaking news story with her in hopes of sparking a relationship. As Sharon races toward the seedier side of town her GPS guides her to Exit 141. An exit where she is kidnapped, drugged and next in line to face an unspeakable horror.

Detectives Nick Stryker and Jen Taylor are called to a crime scene at an abandoned brewery. They find themselves standing over a young family entombed in blue hazmat body bags. The condition of their remains a testament to the evil they had encountered.

This highly organized team of killers made two mistakes. The first was leaving a clue as to their identity; the second was committing murder in Detective Nick Stryker’s jurisdiction.

Nick and Jen frantically follow the one clue they have into a vapor trail of evidence and a storm of violence. As they peel through the layers of horror in the case they realize that Sharon is in the hands of the killers. With time running out and the forces of money and power aligned against them, Nick and Jen fight their way to the twisted and shocking truth.

October 2023