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Why Am I Scared? Face Your Fears and Learn to Let Them Go

Are your tired of feeling afraid?

Do you put on a good show of being confident but inside feel like a fraud?

Do you feel like everyone else has it all together?

Do you hide your true self?

If you wonder why you feel fearful, worried and anxious, Trish Taylor has some answers for you.

In this relatable read, she explains how your fears and anxieties are part of your programming. Even if they have been with you for a lifetime, it is still possible to let them go. Your fears were programmed in and can be released.

Learn to identify your fears around:
– Money
– Relationships
– Health
– Confidence
– Failure
– Loneliness

Why Am I Scared? contains honest and funny stories to inspire you. It includes a detailed solutions section with techniques to move towards your best life. Learn to tap away your fears with the powerful and therapeutic power of Tapping. Discover how to see the life you want with creative visualizations and put them out into the universe with carefully designed affirmations. You will find detailed explanations and guidance on these highly effective techniques.

This book brings together the culmination of the author’s experiences and learnings.

Why Am I Scared? helps you to discover where these fears come from and offers practical solutions to let them go.

You do not have to continue to live in fear.

Get your copy now and start to live the fearless life you want.

April 2024