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When The Heart Tells You No

Kinley Carter is a young, beautiful, intelligent, woman with a thriving career. She is also madly in love with her long time boyfriend Zay Kendall. When her world comes crashing down, Kinley is faced with heartbreaking disappointments, making her question if the man she’s loved for years is even worth it anymore. Zay’s endless confessions of loving Kinley don’t line up with his actions, and seemingly, Kinley is fed up with his antics. However, Zay is determined to make things right and isn’t willing to let her go without a fight. Is Kinley really fed up and ready to move on?

Shi Carter is Kinley’s cousin and best friend; she is definitely a wild card. Having a love of her own or even a man of her own is not a goal for her. Shi is highly satisfied with having somebody else’s husband. However, her carefully thought out plan to only date married men unravels by the thread. She soon realizes that she may not be prepared for what’s waiting for her… karma. Shi also discovers that keeping her feelings in check proves to be more difficult than she originally thought. Will she keep living this dangerous life?

Jayla Montana is Kinley’s other best friend who over analyzes people, especially men. She allows her past to dictate her present and it also stalls her growth for a better future. By holding on to the past, Jayla has difficulty living in the moment, no matter how hard she tries. By refusing to let go, Jayla is isolating herself from the world as well as from love and happiness. Kinley assures her that she won’t find true happiness unless she is willing to let go and let her guards down so love can find her. Will Jayla find the strength to let the past be the past and start living for the present? Will she find her happiness that she so richly deserves?

Although these women live totally different lives, they all have one thing in common. Each one of them must decide if they will listen to their hearts telling them NO or suffer the consequences of ignoring their woman’s intuition. When life becomes chaotic, will the three ladies be able to make logical decisions or will they be led by their emotions?

Twyla T Presents debuts this new urban romance book by upcoming author Shania B. Follow the lives of Kinley, Shi, and Jayla as they attempt to live drama free in the first book of this When The Heart Tells You No series.

May 2024