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The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice 2

Loyalty. Consistency. Love. Monogamy. It’s only right that a person gets through life to find this pure bliss and happiness. One heart. One mind. One soul. Cherish is on the move as her career as a Celebrity News Reporter takes off in places she never thought would happen after she returns to Dallas from college.
Her strength and determination built in college keeps her on her toes. Until, those old feelings for Khalil come scorching back, landing her right where she left off; in a world of hurt.
Caine also makes his appearance back home after he is let go early from prison, demanding to know where his child with Cherish is and doesn’t want to give up that sweet nectarine that Cherish possesses. He’s back to wreak pure havoc.
New love surfaces for both Cherish and Khalil, as they go on a whirlwind. New careers for both are on the rise, but their chemistry can’t keep them away from each other for long. They say if it’s meant to be, let it go and it will come back to you. But, how many times can Cherish hurt? How long can she wait? Khalil’s engagement is still on. Will he let it all go for Cherish? Will Cherish finally move on and let go of Khalil as her new boo, shows her another lifestyle she isn’t accustomed to?
Secrets, lies, infidelity and murders all come together in this finale. Cherish has more than she can handle on her plate right now. Some decisions Cherish makes, could cost her life….
Buckle up your seat belts and stay tuned and find out why it’s still The Thicker the Berry, The sweeter the Juice. The Finale.

August 2022