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The Sun, The Glass, and The Leaning Rock

*The Sun, The Glass, and The Leaning Rock
(Volume 1 in the Florea/Holland Mystery Series, & also published as ‘A Second Chance’)…

‘The Sun, The Glass, and The Leaning Rock’ (Aslo available in larger print as, ‘A Second Chance’) is a daring tale of high adventure, of friendships, of romance, of loyalties and betrayals, and of great personal danger in the lives of ordinary people. This tale combines a tricolor of excitement, yielding the grand adventure of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, the enchantment and humor of ‘Romancing the Stone’, and the suspenseful who-done-it of Sherlock Holmes–hang on tight!

The story opens in the year 1984, but centers on the 1924 discovery of the ‘Lost Dutchman’s Mine’ in Arizona, the inevitable misfortune of its discoverer, and the strange fate of the loot itself. A treasure map, an unusual necklace, and a simple nursery rhyme set the stage for double murder, betrayal, kidnapping, and unrelenting drama in this tale of the high desert.

An unemployed ex-cop and his two friends become entwined in this adventure-mystery, which takes the reader from Boston to Arizona, from Ohio to California, and finally into the harsh, Nevada desert, where the good guys meet the bad guys in a final, head-on confrontation. Both want to unlock the treasure’s secret–‘the sun, the glass, and the leaning rock, tell you when it’s four o’ clock.’

If you’re ready to jump out of an airplane on a foggy night, hopefully land unscathed in rugged terrain, repel from a high cliff on a short rope, take an eerie night stroll across miles of barren desert, find your way through an unyielding sandstorm, escape a deadly confrontation with rattlesnakes, pass through the turbulent waters of a flash flood, leap from a high-rolling flatcar on a train ride to terror, and in the meantime solve all the ‘who-done-it’ before the astonishing climax–then you are more than welcome to the millions in gold that lay hidden within a dark, abandoned void, somewhere near Ely, Nevada.

March 2023