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The Secret of Two Hawks

Austin Everett could not have had a much more horrible childhood. His father beat him as far back as he can remember. His mother died when he was young, replaced by a stepmother who seems to hate him. And now, at seventeen, his father has been shot down, murdered in the night. In spite of a lifetime of beatings, Austin swears he will have revenge on the killer.

Ex-lawman Alto Martinez has just lost his wife and small baby girl, murdered by the man he thought was his best friend. On a trail of vengeance, he runs into Austin and his family, and after Austin’s father is killed, Alto allows Austin to accompany him on his trail. The two men they seek are traveling together!

When ranch owner Desia Anderson’s daughter heads toward Helena, Montana, to find her long-lost grandfather, she must go after her before she is hurt. The three of them, along with a one-armed Mexican named Lefty, form an unlikely partnership, on their way from Blackfoot, Idaho, to Helena, Montana, in 1879, through the heart of the Wild West.

There will be more than one strange revelation by trails’ end. But will there be blood?

March 2023