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Saved by a Lady

Sylvia Spencer loves living in the countryside and upon coming across an injured fox, her calling comes to life as she nurses it back to health. When a hunter is after it, Sylvia rushes to its aid, much to the hunter’s surprise. She obviously cannot help but immediately dislike him, but despite being wary of the man, he talks her into a picnic. Strangely intrigued by him, Sylvia meets Landon day after day in the woods… However, her duty of marrying an appropriate suitor is wandering above their growing connection.

Can these two opposites be brought together in harmony?

Despite their clashing opinions, Landon’s kindness and willingness to learn manage to win Sylvia over. Nevertheless, this wonderful relationship is put to a test when he is taken aback by her disdain for affluence and class. Seeing no other choice in order to maintain his special encounters with Sylvia, Landon decides to keep his identity secret. Despite being caught up in their euphoric moments though, the exposure of his deceit is lurking around the corner…

If only lies were the only obstacle threatening to ruin their chance at happiness though…

Just when Sylvia lets her guard down, and Landon considers a future with her, a woman with her eye on Landon does all she can to make him hers. Sylvia and Landon are pressed on every side and struggle to remain together, but their love is truly tested when the truth becomes inevitable, and accusations are thrown. Can they overcome their challenges and be together, or will their love become just a heartache?

October 2023