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Just who is Mike Fargo? If you’ve read any of the books in THE MIKE FARGO MYSTERIES series you know he is a no-nonsense, resolute New York City detective fighting crime and solving murders in the decade known as the Roaring Twenties. Even if you haven’t yet read any of the books you probably can come up with an educated guess about the kind of guy he is just from the book descriptions. Now you don’t have to guess anymore. The real answers are in ROARING TWENTIES COP, Mike Fargo’s Own Story.

This book will answer all your questions. What kind of childhood did he have? What was his family like? You’ll read about the tragic incident that made him want to become a cop and learn why being a New York City detective was the perfect situation for him. You’ll also learn what Fargo thinks about the decade of the 1920s – the joke that was Prohibition, the women known as flappers, and all the amazing social and artistic changes taking place right before his eyes. And, of course, you’ll also learn just what he thinks about crime and his dogged pursuit of murderers.

It’s Fargo’s story because he’s telling it in his own words, starting with his 1890s childhood on Staten Island to growing up at the turn of the century and then working on the docks; his first trip into New York City and his early days as a cop on the beat. He’ll also describe his feelings when he had to kill for the first time, recall how he acquired a telltale scar across his left cheek and relive the day he called the worst of his life, the 1920 anarchist bombing on Wall Street. He’ll also talk about the ladies, the great dames he has known, as well as some of his toughest cases. This is a guy with a difficult and dangerous job, but one who still saw the Roaring Twenties as a special decade, one he enjoyed more than any other.

February 2023