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Marrying the Villain

Trying to convince her savage husband to change his life around for the better is the hardest thing twenty-nine-year-old Dollaysia, also known as Doll, has ever tried to do. After knowing her husband, Jordin, for four years, she gets a wake-up call and realizes enough is enough. In the beginning and throughout their four-year marriage, her husband treated her like a queen and kept her out of harm’s way. But when his street life and dirty ways start hitting home, her love for him slowly starts fading away.

Jordin, also known as Mercy, is twenty-nine years old and never wears his heart on his sleeve until he marries his wife, Dollaysia. Dollaysia pushes him to do great things, hoping it will turn his life around, but Jordin only lets himself get deeper in the street life when he steps out of the business world and starts living an illegal lifestyle on the side. After hearing so many stories about her husband, she wants nothing to do with his secret life and begins to get fed up with it. Jordin doesn’t like her decision, but when he starts seeing his wife giving her attention to other men, he decides to work his way out of the game and change his life for his wife. But things take a turn for the worse when his secrets hit the fan before he can even change his life.

October 2022