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In Love with a Dressmaker

Being the daughter of a respectable Duke, Lady Catrina Bolton is a glorious and elegant lady, whose life so far has been a bed of roses. With the expectation of finding a husband approaching, her father hires a tailor to create a dress for Catrina that will awe men and women alike. Little did she know that this same tailor will charm his way into her life and soon turn her world upside down…

Will Lady Catrina find love by the tailor’s side? Or will social norms keep her from being with her true soulmate?

Leo Blanchett is a distinguished tailor, whose unique skills have made him very famous amongst the refined ladies of his town. When he finds himself more and more drawn to the beautiful and prim Lady Catrina, he is forced to bury his feelings, as he knows that not even a miracle could bring them together. Will Leo dare to put his reputation at risk by fighting for a hopeless love?

It takes a great deal of strength to make decisions that will change your life forever…

The more time Catrina and Leo spend with each other, the less they can deny the deep connection between them. However, whispers start floating around the manor and there is more than one person who wants to tear them apart once and for all. Will Catrina and Leo’s true love survive? Or will this forbidden match cause more pain than it can endure?

April 2024