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Do you feel like your lack of motivation is stopping you from reaching your true potential? You’re not alone. Statistics suggest that over 40% of people have experienced financial loss due to procrastination. It’s time to Escalate! Free yourself from the cycle of under-performance and frustration.

What if there was a way to immediately get yourself unstuck? Escalate is that way.

Imagine what you could accomplish and who could you become if procrastination never stood in your way again. Escalate will show you how.

In a wonderfully practical and simple manner, Kyle Brost manages to teach you the key principles of action, demonstrating how motivation is not the deciding factor when it comes to achieving your goals. By offering you a step-by-stop process that is easy to follow, this brilliant book will get you unstuck regardless of your situation. At the same time, the principles you will learn in Escalate ensure you will make meaningful and constant progress toward your biggest goals yet.

The solutions Brost proposes will lead to major shifts in your mindset, creating healthy life-long habits which will expand your aspirations and build lifelong momentum.

“Fascinating. Powerful. Practical. Kyle has created a must-have guide for anyone wanting to do more and achieve more!” – Forbes Riley, Celebrity TV Host & Best-selling Author

“If you follow the Escalate Process, it’s virtually impossible to fail in achieving your goals.” – Dennis Yu, Founder and CTO at BlitzMetrics

“Kyle gives the world a compelling and straightforward process to achieve massive goals. You’ll set a bigger goal before you even finish reading it.” – Hank Norman, Founder of 2MarketMedia & Launch Partner to Grant Cardone and Mel Robbins

INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW! You won’t regret making a smart investment in your personal development and goals.

Through this book you will become a true life hacker, learning the time management skills required to stop procrastinating and achieve your goals. Kyle shows you the keys to goal setting, motivation, and productivity and how to turn these principles into effective habits.

February 2023