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A Heavy Duty to Carry Out

Amy Carr is willing to go through anything in order to please her family and make her father proud. The whole family has no choice but to uproot their lives and move to Montana, so that Amy can marry Alfred and her father can eventually take over the local church. In an unexpected twist of fate, just a week before she gets to meet her future husband, she bumps into Thomas, a rich rancher, and her world turns upside down. With her heart being torn between her loyalty to her family and feelings that are too strong to ignore, will she ultimately choose a structured life as a preacher’s wife or will she risk it all for the love she sees in Thomas’ eyes?

Thomas Green’s ordinary life, working in the family’s prosperous ranch with his twin brother, Alfred, is about to change drastically. Without any warning, he meets a beautiful woman in the woods, and his mind gets boggled. Before he even knows it, he finds himself falling hard for her. In a heart-stopping moment, though, Thomas will be devastated to discover that Amy is arranged to marry his own brother. Will he find the courage to claim what his heart desperately wants? Is he ready to face the consequences?

Thomas and Amy feel trapped between their families’ demands and what their hearts command. Will they sacrifice their happiness to protect the people around them? Will they manage to overlook their desire or will they give in to their overwhelming emotions?

November 2022